Tips for Selecting a Dog Groomer

Published: 25th June 2012
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Summary: Entrusting your dog in the care of anyone else can be an unnerving obstacle at any length of time. You need someone you can trust. When choosing the best dog groomer or dog boarding for the job, be sure to take our simple talking points into account. Doing so will help to find the best qualified groomer that you and your pet will be comfortable with.

Taking your pet to a professional dog groomer is an important part of raising a healthy, well adjusted companion. Many people believe that a simple wash and dry in the backyard is enough to keep their pet clean, but only a professional has the experience and thorough service necessary to help any breed of dog live to their highest degree of well being.

However, with so many groomers and dog boarding businesses offering their services, it is hard to decide which would be the best fit for your companion. The following are some important points to keep in mind when selecting a dog groomer to entrust your pet with.

• Reputation – Word of mouth is probably the most reliable method of judging a potential dog groomer’s service. Generally, pet owners love to talk about their companions and will usually be more than willing to refer you to their preferred groomer or boarding home. If you have a prospective groomer in mind, but have never met one of their clients, do not be discouraged. With consumer watchdog sites and business review sites there is always a review available for the service you are researching.

• Accountability – A good groomer or boarding house should be completely transparent. If they have time, ask to have a brief tour of the grooming or boarding rooms. Be sure that they can pleasantly answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and that they have proper qualification certificates or any training required by the state they practice in.

• Flexibility – Generally, it is best to defer to a professional’s opinion on health and other such concerns. However, a groomer should be able to work with your input on cosmetic solutions. Using items such as a preferred shampoo or skin treatment can be done in lieu of the dog groomer’s in shop brands. Stylistic concerns such as hair length and shape should be discussed beforehand, and be as specific as possible so that the groomer can understand and work with your input.

• Documentation – A good groomer will put everything in writing; itemized services, prices, certifications, proof of vaccinations, observations of the animals behavior, etc. One of the best services that a groomer can provide is an informal inspection of the dog’s health. If they noticed any odd sores, bumps, or odors they can recommend that you take your pet to a certified veterinarian. A professional groomer will include a letter detailing to your vet what they observed.

• Comfort – This is fairly immaterial and highly subjective. When you bring your pet to the groomer, watch how it reacts. Watch how the groomer and your dog interact, how comfortable your pet is in the setting. Especially if you’re leaving your dog as a boarding guest, their comfort is imperative. A comfortable dog will mean an easier time for everyone involved (yourself included), and maybe even a cheaper bill as some groomers will adjust prices based on the dog’s behavior.

Take care of your companion and fit them with the best professional dog groomer or dog boarding possible that will meet their needs. Use the points we discussed as guidelines for pairing you with the groomer that both you and your dog are most comfortable with.

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